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My name is Lisa Woodworth, and I would like to welcome you to Temple Aviaries!  We are located next to the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Northeastern Oklahoma.  This site is about my love and passion for birds and most especially, the Eclectus Parrot. Personally, I have found Eclectus parrots to be an ideal parrot for my family.  Whether the subspecies  be Solomon Island Eclectus, Red Sided Eclectus, or Aruensis Eclectus, each have added their unique quality of joy to our lives.  I raise these wonderful parrots.

My love for these beautiful birds began about seven years ago when my younger son bought a sun conure for his sister.  My husband Tom and I were captivated by this bright yellow and green bird, so affectionate and so intelligent. Before too long, we got a companion for him, as well as a Nanday conure.  You can read their story here: The Story of How I Acquired a Nanday Conure .  

I never planned on owning larger parrots, but life had other plans for me.  In January of '04, within a two week space of time I became the surprised owner of two very young SI eclectus parrots, a male and a female.  I set out to learn everything I could about them, in order to give them the best home possible.  The more I learned, the more fascinated I became, as they are one of the most beautiful and interesting of all parrot species.

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